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Fifi Cooper On How EFF Helped Her Fight Ambitiouz Entertainment

Fifi Cooper still adamant to fight Ambitiouz record

Fifi Cooper On How EFF Helped Her Fight Ambitiouz Entertainment. Rapper Fifi Cooper has expressed her gratitude to the EFF political party for helping her fight her battles with her former record label company Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The Good Girl Down singer made headlines late last year when a court ruling in favour of Ambitiouz Entertainment prevented her from performing any music that was recorded under the label. She left the company in February last year. The decision threatened to ruin her career and that’s when the EFF soon announced they would help her fight the decision in court.

Even though the case is still pending Fifi stated in an interview with TshisaLive that EFF saved her a lot.

“I don’t know much about politics. I don’t follow it an awful lot, but I am grateful to the party for helping me when I needed it the most. I am blessed. My life was over and they lifted me up. I have been able to get out of that dark space I was in by working hard and praying even harder.”

The artist is till standing tall in her decision to play the songs he recorded in AE even though the label is fighting her for it.

“It is my right and I will forever perform those songs because they belong to me as well.”

She said she was in a good space and confident of picking up the pieces of her career.

“I am extremely happy with my life. Freedom is important to an artists and I feel really free. I didn’t feel that before but I am grateful that I have the chance to still make music and my fans are still by my side.”

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