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Female Singers Accuse Stogie-T Of Sexual Harassment

Stogie-T shocked by the accusations

Female Singer Accuses Stogie-T Of Harassment. Stogie-T is once again making headlines for a questinalble beahvuour that sparked a discussion on twitter, this time around an upcoming female singer who goes by the name Kanyi Nokwe has accused the rapper of attempting to take an advantage over her. The singer said that Stogie-T whose born name is Tumi Molekane asked her to be his mistress if she wanted him to help her with her music career. Kanyi revealed these news on twitter.

“I once asked Tumi to help me with my music career. Instead he took me out and asked me to be his mistress…” tweeted the star.

Speaking to DRUM, Stogie T says he wasn’t aware of the post or the allegations and refuses to comment on the matter.

“Wow,” he says immediately after being informed of the allegations.

“No comment, out of respect for her.”

Another Twitter user, @Nuhtkayz, defended Kanyi when tweeps doubted her, saying she’d had a similar experience with the rapper.

“He saw me perform one time. Took my number then later on told me he can’t work with me creatively ’cos he finds me attractive and would rather do other things, so he won’t risk the temptation all together. So I believe you . . . it’s not out of character there,” she commented. One thing’s for sure, Kanyi’s coming for those who’ve done her wrong if these tweets are anything to go by.

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