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Zodwa Wabantu Slam Mshoza And Khanyi Mbau For Their Transformation

Zodwa Wabantu says she won't transform herself just because people call her ugly

Zodwa Wabantu Slam Mshoza And Khanyi Mbau For Their Transformation. Entertainer and Video Vixen Zodwa Wabantu has come forward and expressed her views on the topic of her being called ugly. The Dancer said that no matter what trolls throw at her she won’t fall into the trap of transforming herself like other SA stars such as Mshoza and Khanyi who bleached their skin and went through a variety of surgeries just to be acknowledged and to feel beautiful.

“I think it’s kind of sad because most celebrities, even international celebs, go under the knife because they end up believing that they are ugly. Someone told them over and over that they are ugly and not enough. These people are relentless.”

Zodwa further added that said she believed the drastic changes happened because the so-called fans have constantly put celebs under unnecessary pressure to look a certain way.

Khanyi and Mshoza are two of the most famous Mzansi celebs who have undergone major transformations.

Zodwa said all this “changing yourself” really did to celebs was leave them broke and that was the one thing she never wanted to be!

“So they went through all that pain and spending money that they worked so hard for just so they can ‘undo their ugliness’. Next thing you are broke. Now that I am popular, I really get how these comments can attack you when you are all alone in your house, because you hear them every day.”

Zodwa said she would never take her hard-earned money and pay to change herself.

She said she was more interested in spending her money on things like houses and cars as opposed to changing her money maker on account of a few naysayers.

“Do you know how many times I’ve been told to take some steps to change my ugly face? People just plant all this ideas in your head. I won’t put on make-up or Brazilian hair to look different. The same way I will never volunteering go under the knife in the name of looking perfect. Perfect for who? I am fine as I am.”

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