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Family of Mshoza’s Husband On Why They Despise Her

Mshoza at war with the in-laws

Family of Mshoza’s Husband On Why They Don’t Despise Her. In most families reality is chances of the wife being liked by the family members of the husband are usually slim to none, Mshoza can agree to this since she is now experiencing a great dislike from her husband Thuthukani Mvula’s family who claim she married him for his money and nothing else.

According to members of her husband’s family who spoke to Drum, Mshoza has been struggling to win over her new family because some of them think she is only with her man who is a businessman for the dough.

The Kwaito star slammed the claims, saying that as a city slicker she likes nice things, but she is the poster girl for strong, independent black women who can look after themselves.

“Ngiyi cheese girl, ngikhule ngo shiz. I like to buy nice things for myself and my husband, but I also make my own money through my mining company and music. I passed the phase of being a gold digger many years ago.”

Drum magazine is reporting that there is tension in Mshoza’s new home with suggestions the star is not respectful of her in-laws. Thuthukani’s mother even left their house and came to Johannesburg, although Ma claims it was to sort out a problem with her Sassa card and to get peace and quiet away from Mshoza.

“I don’t know if I will find peace when I go back. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I know myself, I can be very cruel when given the chance. Makoti must not test me,” she told Drum.

Mshoza has had a roller coaster marriage so far, with the first sign of drama surfacing with reports in Sowetan late last year that her new hubby was not yet officially divorced.

Mshoza also hinted at a possible clash with her hubby’s family during an interview with TshisaLIVE late last year.

She said her husband’s family was really traditional and she had asked them to be patient with her.

“My husband is really traditional but he knows he married a ‘cheese girl’ so he tells his family to be patient with me. But, I am also willing to grow and learn from him and his family. It’s unlike my other marriage, but I’ll happily do some of these traditional things until my white wedding. I don’t want to rush my white wedding at all, so I am doing what I need to do.”

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