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Kelly Khumalo Taking Legal Action Against Claims That She’s Getting Married

Kelly Khumalo Denies being in a relationship

After years of dating men that either left her heartbroken or bruised Kelly Khumalo has made headlines that claimed that she has found a man that she can happily spend the rest of her life with.

According to DRUM Magazine Kelly claimed she’s no longer single and she’s even prepping for her wedding day. “I’m planning to have my wedding next year October. I have already decided on the type of dress that I would like – something very short with cowboy boots,” Kelly said.

Drum further reported on what Kelly would prefer for her wedding. “A private wedding with about 10 people somewhere private and outside of the country is the kind of thing I prefer.”

However, Kelly slammed the reports saying that they are nothing but utter fabrication and has taken legal action to prove so.

“Kelly did not make those comments and her management has already contacted Drum about retracting the article,” said the insider.

The insider added that Kelly’s team was in full “crisis mode” and had already spoken to their lawyers.

Apparently Kelly is not impressed with the rumour and wants everything done to rectify the situation.

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