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Emtee Has A Message For Those Who Think Sprite And Cough Syrup Is A Drug

Once again Emtee Rolls Up his irritation on twitter to put Enemies in place.

Emtee Has A Message For Those Who Think Sprite And Cough Syrup Is A Drug. A while ago Emtee did admit that he is addicted to his ‘drank’ which is always contained in doubled Styrofoam cups, apparently the Purple Drank he refers to is the mixture of Sprite and Cough Syrup.

This is the kind of drink that has become a trending thing that most guys are trying out, some say it is to get high but Emtee said it’s no drug, which is confusing considering that cough syrup contains codeine which is a powerful opioid drug making it even more effective when mixed with acidic drink.

Emtee expressed how tired he is of people always judging his drank,he hit back at the claims on numerous occasions making it clear that he doesn’t consume alcohol or drugs.

“I don’t use drugs or consume alcohol. My real supporters know what I’m on. It’s just not liquor or a drug,” Emtee wrote on Twitter.

However, after being inundated with followers telling him to stop “killing” himself on his timeline and rappers apparently bragging about not drinking the purple drink, Emtee’s taken to Twitter to tell people to leave him and his drank alone.

“I’m getting irritated by these rappers bragging about not sippin lean. Nobody cares ma nigga. Sip or not. Dark or blue… I’m still trappin” he tweeted once more.

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