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DJ Sbu Uploading Pro Kid’s Albums On ITunes Infuriates Fans

Cassper comes in Sbu's defence

DJ Sbu Uploading Pro Kid’s Albums Now On ITunes Infuriates. Earlier this week,reports circulated that DJ Sbu was partly the reason why Pro Kid got depressed which led to excessive drug use then a seizure he was reported to have suffered which led to his death. Now DJ Sbu has uploaded the previous of the rapper on iTunes which then caused another big talk on social media.

“DJ Sbu uploading Pro Kod’s albums now on iTunes to capitalize on the sympathy is a prime example of “Lefu la gao la miphidisa” said Tweeter user to which Cassper quickly responded.

“We as the fans begged him to though. I don’t think sbu is capitalizing on anything. We can now enjoy his music all over the world. Come on mAnyora.”


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