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“Government will not have all the answers” – Says AKA

In a very generous move, AKA donated over 100k to WITS students. Following up on the effort AKA wrote;

“I’ve been following the saga unfolding at WITS and I feel like something needs to be done for these kids. These are the very same people we ask for support from when we as public figures need something, yet our indifference and silence in times like these is deafening.

I think we need to recognize that the government or the institutions will not have all the answers and that it’s up to us to HELP EACH OTHER … especially people in positions like mine. I hope this will make other celebrities, private citizens and leaders, STOP ? and THINK ? about what we can do to help these young people.

This is not a political initiative, this is about demonstrating that WE are the only ones who can find solutions for our own problems. Whatever our political affiliation, let’s come together for the students … Get off your Instagram, give the hashtags a break ✋?and let’s actually DO SOMETHING. See you tomorrow”

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