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DJ Fresh Receives Backlash After Defending Mampinstha.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

DJ Fresh Receives Backlash After Defending Mampinstha. After everything that has taken place, you would think people have learnt to be diligent in how they utilise their social media concerning domestic violence; especially pertaining the Mampinstha and Babes Wodumo incident. 

DJ Fresh is submerged in the core of a Twitter catastrophe, following his underpinning circulating announcement; stating that the #MuteMampintsha movement will have a negative impact on both the parties involved, Babes and himself will stand to lose money in the process. Fans feel he is defending the perpetrator.

If you have been following the story since it went viral, you will know Mampitsha has already been charged with assault and has received bail in the amount of  R2000 after his arrest. And it advanced to a counter-charge against the hit banger of Wololo – Babes Wodumo from the accused – Mampintsha.

This is happening in the midst of Mampintsha facing assault charges and the media raving about his conduct. DJ Fisherman shared to Facebook on Monday the screenshots of an e-mail; he claims he is obligated to put to a pause on the release of his new content due to a song that attributes Mampintsha.

He stands by his word stating: By no means does he accept the mannerism of his colleague, DJ Fisherman believes he must be punished for his wrongs but he should not be involved.

“Mampintsha (a colleague) did wrong last week and we all saw the video. It was out of line and should never happen to anyone. Naye I know he knows it. Okay, on the other hand, some have said they won’t play his music and many have called on such. I understand the frustration. So what happens to us then who have music with him? We’ve invested money and so much time making music only for it to be ruined by one man’s mistakes,”  – DJ Fisherman

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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