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Dr Malinga Is Set To Host “No Excuse Pap Geld” Show

Dr Malinga Is Set To Host “No Excuse Pap Geld” Show – Dr Malinga will join the TV channel Moja Love, the TV show has publicised and confirmed Dr Malinga as the new host for the notorious “No Excuse Pap Geld”.

He will be the new face for the show; the antagonist to the deadbeat fathers in South Africa in the next season.

Dr Malinga will be high kicking and introducing an updated epoch, a fresh breeze to the favoured, well-liked show when he takes the place of highly regarded Moss Makwati who has had the honour to present the show from its establishment.

He had an opportunity to speak to the Sowetan while on duty, searching for a disreputable father. Dr Malinga mentioned he has an absent father and so he resonates with the content and the undertaking of the show “At first my father was there, although after they divorced he took no responsibility, so I understand that pain,” he exclaimed.

The producer and musician is a father to three children, and he has no mental image of him abandoning his children. “Many people think that I am a jokester but I’m also a father of three kids. Men must know that even people who are funny take care of their kids.” 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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