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Watch! Fan Explains Why Boity Has An Unfair Advantage For Being A Rapper And A Sangoma.

Watch! Fan Explains Why Boity Has An Unfair Advantage For Being A Rapper And A Sangoma. – Bradley says – I don’t think we appreciate Boity enough…
This has been brought to our attention that we are not giving the credence Boity deserves; this multifaceted rapper has a lot of expertise to offer. Bradley took to Facebook to notify the public of their wrongdoing. He states that Boity is the initial “Sangoma” to handle the rap game. He associates her lyrics with her traditional healing calling.

The feed just keeps on getting interesting, as responses flood in; the question was raised of “how does she find the time to receive her clients, how do you as a client  consult her when in her lyrical content she stipulates “All I see is money and cheques ?”

Fans responded:

“Pulane Malele –  Rapping is her job, n the sangoma part is her calling”
“Lee Pee Ma – She answered for healing .she not practising at the moment”

These are some of the responses the fans came back with, backing up the rapper for her career in the rap game and her calling to be a Traditional healer, Sangoma. O.M.G, Mr Mapiti announced how intolerable it is for him to ear a track of a Traditional healer using vulgar language, he is emphasizing the line in her song ” Hey wena jou Snaai – one of her fans commented; – ”Kagisho Mofokeng  – I heard that line and I thought I misheard her.”

One of her fans thought she overheard wrong and the rest of the comments were responses of people expressing laughter through emojis, the whole feed was just hysterical. I was never ready for what followed; he dropped a bombshell when he quoted her song “Wuz Dat” her line saying – It has been brought to my attention that you ain’t shit” Bradley asked; How do you trust in her abilities when she has access to your ancestors? Will they be good enough?  That is just funny.

Bradley says Boity has an unfair advantage, simultaneously taking her rap game and calling seriously. Lol, this is what one of the fans had to say: 
“BhekaniSipho Mrube Memela –  Imagine dealing with her in freestyle, then boom, your mic goes off or the ancestors intervene.”
“Mola Motjale – She knows eve tricked Adam”

Bradlely publicised a rap line that would be suited for Boity and blend well with all the other aspect of her life, honestly, it was not a bad punch line; I think she needs to use it. We had to dig far back, to the year 2018 to retrieve these bars that are meant to be used, L.O.L, she needs to use them.
“The name is Boity I am a lyricist….I throw them bones and tell you what your business is” How crafty is that?
“I dumped a nigger with a Bentley, that sh** is rare like a Zodwa with a panty.

I think Bradley must become Boity’s – “Ghost Writer”
Fans are not in sync with the Rapper’s choice of career and calling, it seems for them it is rather conflicting and makes no sense, at least they are using humour while expressing their emotions on the matter.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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