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DJ Sabby’s “#The Best Drive show” Will Be Live In London!

DJ Sabby’s “The Best Drive show” Will Be Live In London! – Things are getting pretty serious people! DJ Sabby’s YFM show, you know the Best Drive that is turning four years old this year, guess what? It will be the initial show in the history of South Africa of YFM to be established overseas.

Africa has become a continent of interest and the estimation of South Africans residing in London has elevated. YFM and DJ Sabby are opening doors that will allow entrance to music and information. 

Now, to even make things better, you can be able to stream live on the YFM website and app, starting today until the 5th of April. “I want to let the young person in South Africa and London be aware of their challenges and how their interests are very much similar. Taking the world to my people who may not be able to access it themselves, I’m assisting them to #DefyTheOdds”

 DJ Sabby.

Let us not forget prior to DJ Sabby creating YFM radio history, he dropped his initial single for the year ” Theowa” the track attributes  Gigi Lamayne and Manu WorldStar. The track is the personification of the current trends happening in the Hip hop of South Africa.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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