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Finally! Brenda Fassie’s Bio Is Set To Be Produced

Finally! Brenda Fassie’s Bio Is Set To Be Produced – Another one, it looks like South Africa will shed a tear of joy with another biography that might be on the way of our iconic, diva, Brenda Fassie.

The making of the bio of Brenda Fassie has been delayed due to disagreements between Brenda Fassie’s manager Chicco Twala and Fassie’s son Bongani. Chicco Twala’s plan was to indelibly interdict Fassie’s son from having the rights to produce a movie concerning his mother’s life.  

“I had doubts the film would happen,” a relieved Bongani told the Sunday Times this week. “But I promised the nation I would make sure that my mother’s story would be told, and now that I am seeing the fulfilment of it, I am a little overwhelmed.”

Chicco Twala who is known to be a producer, musician and has collaborated with the best in South Africa including Brenda Fassie and that was before she died in May 2004. He stated the motion picture would be impractical when you exclude the rights of music he owned.

He claimed  – this decision does not affect him more than it affects the producers; he is the key to the whole puzzle; they need him. Although, it seems they have come to an agreement to try and work with each other and let “bygones be bygones”.

Mr Twala was given a time-related order in February in 2018 to put a stop to the production concerning the biopic. It was nearly a lost battle especially when it was said the order was pushed to be permanent in September, but Judge Nomonde Patience Mangqina – Thusi made her ruling last week Friday.

Bongani has stated he never lost the hope.
“It’s been a long fight, but I am relieved that this fight is finally over. It took a strain on me financially, in lawyer’s fees and the like, but I never lost hope. I want to thank SA for having hope in me and my mother’s legacy. I promise to make a film that will make them proud.”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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