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Teeza Release’s A New Track Titled “Codine”

The Rapper Teeza has dropped a brand new track titled “Codine” on Wednesday on the 3rd April 2019. The song is his initial track for the year 2019 treading of his 2018 single “Stereo”. The song came as a surprise for “Codine”. He is currently advancing his single after the release on all the digital platforms. 

For the remainder of the song, he speaks on the power of addiction and how invincible one feels when they are intoxicated.
The track is created by attributed artist Pheonix Flamee and narrate by Teeza. The Hip Hop song attributes a trap element with employing sound reproduction of lower quality.

The song is established with Teeza amalgamating singing and rapping in the introduction of the single. He takes to account that he has been associated with drugs and they are traceable in his system. Then he expresses the power of addiction and how superior one feels when they are drunk.  

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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