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Is Ntsiki Mazwai’s Beef In the Industry Resulting In Her Declining Interviews?

Is Ntsiki Mazwai’s Beef In the Industry Resulting In Her Declining Interviews? – We are all aware that sis Nontsikelelo is not everyone’s favourite, as expected!

Honestly, it is not transparent whether it comes as a blessing or a curse to her, now the same people she constantly shades are now part of the interviews she is requested for. She recently declined an interview on behind the story according to Pearl Thusi: 

“Just heard Ntsiki pulled out of the interview for Behind The Story. Really bummed because the way I conduct the interviews was never going to be offensive, if that was going to be the issue. Was looking forward to a productive and insightful conversation. Alas…”

Now, Sizwe Dhlomo’s show has solicited for an interview with the TV personality and she seems to be conflicted. This is what her caption had to say: “I have another moral media dilemma… remember when Sizwe (Dhlomo) tweeted that I’m the most hated person? His show also invited me…”

If you can still recall when you dig the past you will remember they exchanged tweets that caused friction between the two, and we are aware of how candid Ntsiki can be. Let me take you down to memory lane:  

A tweet by Sizwe Dlomo has been deleted, wherein 2018 he mentioned how Ntsiki was the “most hated on these streets.” Is she going to decline every interview with people she has been in conflict with on Twitter? We thought she was candid and brave to face anyone, however. We just hope she is not “running away,” L.O.L!

We just have to wait and see if she will accept the offer or decline the offer, that would be interesting to watch, don’t you think?

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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