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Maithili Shome Is Becoming A phenomenon

Maithili Shome Is Becoming A phenomenon – Maithili Shome is an aspiring musician elevating to the top, she was born in Assam, India, although she was bred in South Africa from an early age.

Her journey dates back as a playback musician for the Eulubulus Timothy motion picture Deep End that began at the early stages. The beautiful 19-year-old, song narrater, composer, tunesmith, can you imagine, can work with 20 languages, that is just amazing, counting also six African languages. She is an expert in genres, opera, folk fusion, light music, Indian and western classical including traditional African. 

“I recently turned 19 and I currently reside in Johannesburg. I’m in my second year of study at the University of Witwatersrand, completing a Bachelor’s degree in music. “My focus at the moment is to expose myself to as many genres as possible, so I can create more music of my own in the near future.

Parallel to my formal training, in both Hindustani classical and western classical music, I have explored genres such as Sufi fusion, African traditional, Indian folk, as well as African gospel. I wouldn’t say I specialise in any of the genres, but I mostly perform Afro-Indo fusion music.”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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