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Tevin Campbell Back In SA & Set To Perform In Cape Town

Tevin Campbell Back In SA & Set To Perform In Cape Town – Get ready for quality, sensational iconic musician Tevin Campbell, if you are a fanatic, schedule your calendar to plan a visit to Cape Town, This is the month for the Marmalade Productions 10-year anniversary jol.

According to the Voice, the man himself has stated he is exhilarated for the show at the Grand Arena on the 27th of July 2019. He is excited to land in the soils of the motherland, Cape Town, and this time he will not be alone.

“I can’t wait to get back to Cape Town and I’m bringing my family along so they too can experience the beauty,” he explained to the Daily Voice.

Well, who could have thought that the 42-year-old could be single with such an alluring voice, but he is single, although he has stated he is not searching.

“I’ve had too many infatuations from people who fell in love with my voice. I don’t think I’ll find love this time,” he stated.

He revealed that most of his are prominent love songs that are highly cherished by fans were not written by him, which means they were not his personal experiences.

Can We Talk was written by Baby Face. People used to write about their problems and have me sing it as a child. People think when I stopped making records, that I stopped singing, but I never stopped. I’m blessed and thankful because I can still hit the same notes,” he adds.

Obviously, he is not getting any younger, so his perspective has altered in how he treats his diet, priorities have changed, it is amazing to learn how we all have to experience different stages in life until we come to age.

“I used to like fast foods when I was younger but now I changed my diet, it’s just Mediterranean food now. I actually want to try out some traditional foods when I visit now.”

What fans can expect from his this time is maturity, intimacy.

“I have so many songs to do, if I could do all of them, people will have to sit and listen for more than two hours.”

Tickets are available for Marmalade Productions’ 10th Anniversary Jam attributing Tevin Campbell. The tickets will range from R195 to R350 from Computicket and start at 8 pm.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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