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Listen! Here’s How DJ Fresh Survived Two months Without A Salary

Listen! Here’s How DJ Fresh Survived Two months Without A Salary – It is good to see DJ Fresh back on his feet and reflected on his gloomy dark days, between radio gigs, unearthing how his savings helped him sustain his family amid the two months excluding a fixed salary.

He asserted he had been educated on the significance of saving money, a proposition he asserts assisted him during these trying times.

“I am big on preaching about ‘if you can afford to, save’. The fact that I was without a salary for two months, but my family didn’t feel it, it is because I was saving for that rainy day.”

He further noted on his interview with that 947 had pursued him for approximately 10 years.

Also, his termination from the SABC “noisy exits”, Fresh EXPLAINED he would have apologised if he felt he had done something wrong.

“I think you should always take responsibility for the part you play in any disagreement and see if you can learn lessons from the part you played. It is easy to point fingers, it is easy to blame the other person, but at some point, you might have been responsible for the fallout. I will always stand up. Where I am wrong, I apologise.”

Listen to the Interview: 702 With DJ Fresh

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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