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Listen! Shimza Opens Up About His Fallout With Black Coffee

Listen! Shimza Opens Up About His Relationship With Black Coffee – Shimza was recently interviewed by MacG’s podcast, chilled with MacG to open up about his life happenings and details.

When Shimza then (26), who is a self-taught producer who has mastered the art of spinning decks from his brother Kgomotso, explained he was leaving Black Coffee’s record label Soulistic Music. There was a lot of controversies circulating his exit.

Black Coffee in the past found himself in the centre of a storm after consistent reports of artists leaving his record label, due to the DJ has not done enough to promote their careers at the label.

Now, Shimza had an opportunity to explain how he felt about Black Coffee motives when he signed him as an artist.

I think thats a generic way of how people saw that move, but for me and him, it was never about that, well for my side, I think and even from his side it was like I can help this boy grow quicker than he would if he was alone because I have a brand he can leverage off.

At the end of the day black Coffe is a big big deal.

There were mentions of the Dejaay scene being competitive. The question was, was Black Coffee taking him for a ride?

“I don’t think he would think like that. He brought me in so he can add value to my relationship and he did. Even when I left it was cool, well, I think it was.

Listen to the full interview:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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