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Listen! Shimza Speaks On His Beef With Prince Kaybee” I Would Not Mind Working With Him”

Listen! Shimza Speaks On His Beef With Prince Kaybee” I Would Not Mind Working With Him” – Who can ever forget the exchange words between DJ Shimza and Prince Kaybee, after Shimza dismissed Heavy K’s attempts to get the pair in the studio to kiss and make up.

The “beef” started brewing back in 2018 when Kaybee claimed Shimza was playing his song Club Controller without crediting him and later blocked him on his social media platforms.  Things took a turn for the worse when Kaybee fired more shots at Shimza saying he couldn’t produce. 

Now, a podcast was shared by MacG’s on the 15th of August 2019 with Shimza deciphering a fraction of his life from his version and angle.

The initial question concerning Prince Kaybee was, would You say Prince Kaybee is an opportunist?

Prince Kaybee is doing his own thing man, he is talented in his own right and he works with the people he wants to work with.

Would you work with him?

I wouldn’t mind working with him because I don’t think he is an opportunist.

What happened between you guys?

It was so stupid man, it was so f**ckn stupid like it was the worst thing ever.

So, what happened is that Prince Kaybee, I think the year before that sh*t started. I got that the club controller song, I got it from Tira, so he sent it to me, so I was Like Tira. I was like Tira I need a pumping song and that’s when Qgom was like was the shit. So, I was like I have my one mana show coming and I want to have the hottest sh*t so that I can push at the festival.”

It appears Tira sent him the song and told him that it was a hit, he played it all the time and it worked for him. He was impressed with the song, even though he did not know who was the producer.

I listen to the song and Im like F*uck this is hot” I edited the name, DJ Tira beat.

He rocked the song for the festive and played it multiple times without acknowledging who it was produced by. Prince Kaybee then blocked him on all his social media accounts.

Now when Prince Kaybee listened to Shimza Show on Metro Fm he learnt that he was not given any credit for his work. Shimza uncovered this through a group chat with the other fellow DJ’S.

So, he sent him a message to attempt to rectify his wrong doing>

“Why are we fighting about me not knowing who’s song it is? And now you are offended because you did not send me the song. I got the song from somewhere else, and now you offended because I don’t know that it is your song”

It gets interesting, so, Shimza went to twitter and expressed that Prince Kaybee is being a d*g – and then it escalated from that point onward. People assumed he was jealous of the song, which he blatantly denied.

He also made another advancement by sending him a message telling him they needed to make amends to their disintegrating relationship. He sent a WhatsApp to Prince Kaybee and also a twitter post to repair the broken relation.

“Why are we going to be beefing over a song that will probably die in two years, we should be leading by example with other kids”

And since then things changed and they called it a truce!

Listen to the audio below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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