Maskandi Icon Ihhashi Elimhlophe Talks Success, Failures & Family

Maskandi Icon Ihhashi Elimhlophe Talks Success, Failures & Family – YOUNG people should learn to be strong.

Maskandi legend Ihhashi Elimhlophe, whose real name is Bheki Ngcobo, communicated that his generation was brought up through strenuous times. But help their head up high. Today’s young people give up easily, even committing suicide if things don’t go their way. They get to 25 and describe life as a failure.

Ihhashi told Daily Sun had he been a quitter, he wouldn’t have survived in the industry.

“I started music in 1975 and my first album didn’t do well but I kept going. In 1976 he released his second album and it did very well. I never looked back. I’m still going strong,” he said. He’s just released his 29th album, Ama Waza Waza.

Ihhashi has four kids and has been married to musician Linah Ngcobo for more than 40 years. They’ve helped their kids to also build careers in music. He said he never thought of getting more wives. My father had eight wives. My mother had 10 children. We got limited attention from our dad.”

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