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Rouge Wants A Collaboration With Busiswa & Her Response Is Hillarious

Rouge Wants A Collaboration With Busiswa And This Is What She Had To Say – Award-winning rapper Rouge has come a long way and as much as it hasn’t been easy, she has been fortunate enough to have her family and boyfriend as her support system.

Rouge, real name, Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi: Rouge’s first introduction into the industry was as a musician at the age of 18-years-old.

Though Rouge has never been to Congo, the rapper who grew up in South Africa is Congolese and can speak French. Becoming a rapper has not always been Rouge’s dream.

South African Rapper, Rouge, who is best known for hit song Dololo took to social media to share she needs to make a hit with Busiswa and Busiswa delighted in that idea.

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