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Watch! Lady Zamar Live Performance Of “Sunshine” @ The Nedbank Challenge

Watch Lady Zamar  Live Performance Of “Sunshine” @ The Nedbank Challenge Sunshine: She once mentioned she was extremely in love when I wrote Sunshine.

When I fall in love… I fall in love!

She was deep in love. She highlighted that she is an extremist of note. You either get 100% or 0.

Sunshine was meant to be a summer song and personally, it is one of the most vocally balanced songs on the album. It is very… fluid…and very teenage-like. In a lot of ways, it is like a drug or a very slow poison; in that the first time you hear it, you are likely to fall in love ‘Woah, this is so nice’.

Lady Zamar took to social media to share visuals on the 13th of September 2019 to share visuals dressed in a black dress perform our favourite tune, “You Are My Sunshine”

Check the visuals below:

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