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Pics! Lira And Her Mom Are Sister Goals

Pics! Lira And Her Mom Are Sister Goals – In a global music world brimming with solo female performers, Lira stands out as that rare thing.

An artist who has been able to create a formidable career without compromising the very values that feed her creative soul.

Remember when Lira and her mother, Buyi Radebe Lichaba, took to Namibia to celebrate their birth month by going skydiving to get their dose of adrenaline.

She took to Instagram to share their exciting adventure, Lira shared pictures and videos of herself, her younger sister and her mother skydiving and revealed that they were 15000 ft from the ground.

That was adorable indeed, they have been always referenced as sisters, Lira’s mom is a yummy mommy, could pass off as her sister. Lira shared an image that looks breathtaking.

Check out the image below:

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