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DJ Sbu Introduces A New Flavour For His Energy Drink

DJ Sbu Introduces A New Flavour For His Energy Drink – Now, that time has arrived, DJ Sbu, the prominent radio personality turned businessman has written books, The Art of Hustling, Sell or Surrender, which he believes is a tool for entrepreneurs to get to the next level. 

It’s a handbook for hustlers, he says about his book. And it has things like five steps to a sale. He says that he is just showing young people that there are alternatives available to them if they can’t afford school. 

When you observe the unemployment rate in South Africa it has increased to 29 % in the second quarter of 2019 from, imagine from 27.6 in the previous period, this needs a strategy. This has proved to be the loftiest unemployment rate since the first quarter of 2003, which means the stats of unemployed individuals escalated by 455 thousand to 6.65 million and employment rose by 21 thousand to 16.31 million.

Mr Leope has been actively been the solution to the dilemma not only through his books, but offering a platform for aspiring black-owned business to advertise their work on his Twitter timeline.

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