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Watch! Prince Kaybee Reveals How He Sometimes Starts When Producing A Beat

Watch! Prince Kaybee Reveals How He Sometimes Starts When Producing A Beat – House DJ Prince Kaybee has been topping off the charts consistently and his EP, Cross Over, which features AKA, Nhlanhla Nciza, Nhlovukazi, Thulz, Ngasii, Brenda Praise and many more proved his the real deal.

Prince Kaybee has BEEN making waves in the music industry in 2019 after releasing his album Re Mmino earlier this year.

Kaybee explained that the reason behind his nine-track EP was because he was trying to “cross over” and show his growth as an artist.

“I feel like if you grow in silence it’s worse because people will keep wondering where you are, while you’re still figuring yourself and growing as an artist. This EP is my growth, this is the new me. I feel like people should know it so that when I come in very hard with the new stuff at least there’s a foundation.”

Prince Kyabee is always in studio working, producing music and featuring other artists, what we may call a workaholic!

He took to social media on the 21st of February 2020 to share visuals of his studio time. When you observe the studio, he is surrounded by his equipment, ranging from his keyboard, computer and speakers. A place where all aspiring producers wish to have.

He shared a caption in how he sometimes starts when producing a beat.

Check out the video below:
Sometimes I start with a kick, shakers and then Melodies or Melodies first then drums. How do you start a beat?

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