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Watch! DJ Tira Shows Support To Durban street vendor Prior To The 21-Day National Lockdown

Business Guru and producer, DJ Tira, posted visuals of himself keeping his promise of pledging to support street vendors before the 21-day lockdown takes place.

DJ Tira ushered to social media On Wednesday, 25 March 2020, to posts visuals of himself purchasing from a Durban street vendor. The fruits and vegetables looked desirable and fresh. I think it should be made a habit to support street vendors at all times, what do you think?

Nonetheless, the Instagram video concludes with DJ Tira explaining that he has done his part to support local street vendors. This is prior to the national lockdown, which will disrupt the street vendors from accumulating capital, as they will not be permitted to trade during that period.

Watch the video below:

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