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“We’re in a serious long-term relationship” – AKA On DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle opens up about the relationship he has with DJ Zinhle

“We’re in a serious long-term relationship” – AKA On DJ Zinhle. It has been evident that  most people are rooting for AKA to get back with his baby momma DJ Zinhle especially since they both separated from the people they broke up to be with. On so many interviews the two have opened up about still having a spot for each other except for the fact that they share a child together.

During an interview AKA clarified the status of his relationship with DJ Zinhle.

“She’s the mother of my child. She’s a beautiful woman, someone who’ll always be there because we share a daughter, but we are definitely not back together.

“We will always be in each other’s lives. As far as a relationship is concerned, we’re in a serious long-term relationship – there is a child involved. But it’s not an intimate love affair.”

He takes his role as a father very seriously, AKA says. “I’m still learning to be a good father. My daughter has helped me mature and grow as a man. I’m a bit more patient now. I think a little bit more before I speak because I understand there are consequences that could affect my entire family.

“The old AKA was reactionary. Now I decide what to respond to, but I’m far from tame. I still feel like I can speak my mind and I’m never scared to speak up, but I now know what works for me. I cannot live my life worried about what people will think.”



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