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Zola 7 Reaches Out To Cassper For A Collaboration After A Heartfelt Tribute

Zola shared visuals of his perspective of South African content contribution in both television and radio, how limiting and oppressing it continues to be towards our own creativity.

Cassper responded to Kwaito television and music figure, Zola 7, and complimented him on his intellect and way of reasoning and salutes his contribution in the music scene.

Zola 7!!!! The Legend!!! The realest !!! The most intelligent artist of our era!!!! Always spitting facts!!!! So much respect!!!!

We must soon do a song Ntwana

Zola then reached out to him in his response by suggesting they should do a song together following that heartfelt response, Cassper reached out on social media, stating that he would like to work with him on a single.

It was a beautiful sight displayed on social media, the respect and admiration they both shared, especially coming from Cassper was leadership. A humble spirit will take you a long way and sustain you in the entertainment industry.

It would be my pleasure grootman. I would be honored. Even just to be around you nje, i soak up so much wisdom. Let’s talk during the week. I got something i think would work for us both.

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