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H.E.R. Tells Apple Music How She’s Staying Creative

H.E.R. checks in with Zane Lowe via FaceTime on Apple Music to chat about how she’s staying creative at home, the importance of reaching out to family and friends, adapting to a slower lifestyle, continuously working on her record until the day it drops, what she thinks of the Prince comparisons, what she loves about Frank Ocean, how she’s combating anxiety, and more. 

She tells Apple Music: “this album I’m about to drop is very much ’this is what it is, this is what I want, this is who I am’… it’s a testament of what I’ve grown into.” On diving into her music collection she says, “I’m rediscovering music I used to listen to and that I’ve forgotten about.” On relieving anxiety, she says “I had to realize that physical health, mental health, it all is one. You have to be mindful of both.”

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