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Eternal Africa releases celebratory track, Ilalaza ft Shef & The Kitchen

Vth Season’s producer, singer and songwriter, Eternal Africa, releases a celebratory track titled Ilalaza featuring Shef & The Kitchen. 

With the production filled with elements of happiness and some drama, Ilalaza is about celebrating and spoiling yourself and some friends. 

“There was a time I couldn’t celebrate my achievements because I was on the conservative side of life. I had to save every dime as I wasn’t having regular income flow. The moment I started getting more money, I started celebrating my little achievements and birthdays even if it was a bottle of champagne with friends and Ilalaza expresses this,” shares Eternal Africa. 

Stream or download Eternal Africa’s Ilalaza featuring Shef & The Kitchen here:

Off the back of his single, Lerato, released earlier this year, Eternal Africa continues with the Amapiano trend that saw his kickstart the year on a high note. 

Ilalaza further highlights Eternal Africa’s versatility as a producer working across wide-ranging genres and its unique sound is set to appeal to musical lovers across the board. 

Representing the epitome of African music as a vessel to transport the sound, strength, taste and beauty of Africa to the rest of the world, make sure to follow Eternal Africa and @VthSeason on social media for more music news.

Connect with Eternal Africa:

Facebook: Eternal Africa (

Twitter: @Eternal_Africa

Instagram: @eternal_africa


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