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Sjava’s Hobby Of Laughing At Bad Tattoos

Sjava’s hobby of laughing at bad tattoos. The South African singer known for his hit ‘Umama” took to Twitter that he has a hobby of laughing at peoples’ bad tattoos. What triggered the tweet was not revealed but many tweeps have tried to stipulate which tattoos would the singer be laughing at.

Many people on Twitter were amused by the singers hobby and saw it as very peculiar. The fans of the artist then also shared images of their own tattoos in the comment section of the bearded artists’ posts.

One fan on Twitter requested for Sjava to rate Emtee‘s roaring “lion” tattoo. They also mentioned ‘Roll Up’ rapper’s Mercedes Benz icon tattoo. Sjava commented and said the Mercedes Benz icon tattoo is “amazing and inspiring”.

Many other people had stated that the African singer had been dissing Emtee, as he had wrote the tweet about his hobby just after Emtee had been posting tweets about his tattoos.

Other artists should be very careful if they are getting any new tattoo’s as the ‘Umama’ hitmaker will be happily laughing at their new works of ink.

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