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AKA Responds To Breaking Alcohol Ban Speculation

AKA Responds To Breaking Alcohol Ban Speculation Back in 2020, AKA who is also a brand ambassador of Cruz Vodka with his own Watermelon-flavoured vodka range, expressed his thoughts that the alcohol ban should be lifted explaining that he needs to feed his family.

But how does he just as a consumer? After posting a celebratory video following his favorite football club Manchester United’s win, fans were curious as to what drink he was celebrating with in the video considering alcohol is currently banned.

A lot of people on social media often feel that the law always protects celebrities even when they are breaking it. One fan took it upon themselves to ask AKA what he was drinking. “Eyo Mega Is that apple juice?”, the fan asked to which the Supa Mega responded saying, “Yes. 100% Apple Juice.”

The fan responded saying, “Looks like white wine to me.” “Now where would I get wine during lockdown?? Honestly. I am a law abiding citizen,” AKA responded.

As you know, South Africa is currently on lockdown with a ban on alcohol and the sale of alcohol is not permitted.

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