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Black Coffee On How Covid-19 Has Affected Him As An International DJ

Black Coffee On How Covid-19 Has Affected Him As An International DJ. Covid-19 has had a negative effect to everyone, and International DJ Black Coffee had an interview with OkayAfrica and explained how the pandemic has affected him as the star DJ with such a global presence. As much as Covid-19 had its effect, Coffee is convinced the pandemic helped him push.

“I see my career as something in two vaults. There is me as a producer and me as a performer. The performer was highly affected, we are one year down and we thought 2021 was going to look much better but it doesn’t look like it. I had to kind of activate my producer side making sure I finish the album and get all the collaborations I wanted. The pandemic has in that sense kind of helped me push to release the album,” said Black Coffee.

Black Coffee has recently released his much anticipated album Subconsciously, which the album cover appeared on the billboard in the middle of New York’s Time Square. In 2020, the DJ had 48.3 million streams of his music across 92 countries, according to Spotify.

Speaking on his ability to separating what he’s going through with his music because music comes from emotions, Coffee said it is hard. “It is hard. People deal with things in different ways just in general. Some people were abused growing up and then become abusers. Some people hate abusers then become the opposite so it depends on how you deal with it. It can affect you or it can inspire you,” said the DJ/producer.

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