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Black Coffee On Whether He Still Considers South Africa As Home

Black Coffee On Whether He Still Considers South Africa As Home. Black Cofee confirmed that no matter where else he visits, South Africa will always be home to him as that is where his roots are. In an interview with OkayMzansi, Black Coffee spoke about growing accustomed to a nomad lifestyle.

“South Africa is home. There was a point where I was searching and thinking of living somewhere else but given the responsibility that I have for the continent it wouldn’t make sense for me to go. Yes when I have to work I will go and stay somewhere for work but I think my roots are here. There was a point where I thought otherwise in my head but also the difficulty of the kids and their schooling. Even if I decide to have a second home elsewhere, my home will always be here,” Black Coffee said.

Besides being a DJ and record producer, Black Coffee says there is much to to him than what people actually know. He said there are certain things that he would like fulfil in his life such as leaving Africa in a much better state than he found it. He even mentioned that people on social media think he has reached all his life goals however he cannot blame them as he has shown them “Black Coffee”.

“There is a side to me that is interested in other things like the development of tech on the continent and education. There is so much I want to do outside of being a DJ. I want to help the African child and one day be able to leave Africa better than how I found it. There are so many things I am working on that I want to achieve outside of music. I understand that music was given to me as a bridge or propeller to lead me to do other things. There is so much I want to do,” Black Coffee added.

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