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Euphonik And Miss Pru DJ Show Some Love To MacG Following His Podcast’s Recent Growth

Euphonik And Miss Pru DJ Show Some Love To MacG Following His Podcast’s Recent Growth. MacG has nabbed Studio 88 as a new partner after his sponsors pulled out after the homophobic comments he made. He even has a 600 average daily subscribers. MacG found himself in hot water after he was trending for transphobic comments he made on his podcast few weeks ago.

Old mutual which was his biggest sponsor released a statement confirming that they were distancing themselves from MacG’s podcast in a statement that reads: “Old Mutual has seen the discussion that took place on MacG’s podcast. As a responsible business that fully respects the rights of everyone, we have decided to terminate the relation with MacG, with immediate effect. We distance ourselves from the harmful commentary against the LGBTQI community and humanity at large. As a country it is our duty to educate ourselves and hold each other accountable, to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.”

However, it seems bad PR or rather trending for thee wrong reasons helped the podcast grow and even gain a new sponsor. MacG has recently been the talk of Black Twitter, especially now that he has made a come back. Fans and industry friends were applauding his success. Euphonik Tweeted: “Smash them @MacGUnleashed! SMASH THEM.”

One social media user wrote: ““you guys tried to cancel MacG and ruin his podcast, but look at him now getting more exposure and brands partnering with him. he won.” of course he “won”. we live in a country that will always side with homophobes, transphobes and sexual predators before anything else.”

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