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Former Idols SA Contestant Nosipho Silinda Shares Excitement On Passing Matric

Former Idols SA Contestant Nosipho Silinda Shares Excitement On Passing Matric. Nosipho Silinda who was a contestant and part of the the top 6 on Idols SA, has passed matric after she said she won’t drop out of school for music. Although she had to drop out of grade 11 in August 2018 to participate in season 14 of Idols SA, she eventually found her way back to school again. The same year she repeated grade 11, she recorded her debut single “Thembalami” which currently has a music video out.

Last year, Nosipho spoke about going back to school to complete her matric. “I’m an A student. I love life sciences and I nail it. I’m also into maths and my home language [Zulu]. I’m not really concerned about balancing my school work and music. I handled it last year; I can handle it this year too. I will make time for both because they are equally important,” said Nosipho.

Talking about the challenges of balancing the two, Nosipho said: “Children are children. Some are nice, others are just mean. You know how people can be mean: ‘Here’s this girl from TV and blah, blah, blah’. I am not bothered by it though because I know why I am at school. I am there to get an education and that’s it. Studying and music are both as important, so I make sure that I make time for both. It is not that difficult. I make sure that weekdays I just push school work. I really push my school work. On weekends I push for my career.”

One social media user congratulated Nosipho on passing her matric despite studio sessions, interviews and ect, captioned: “Congratulations nana, I am so proud of you #classof2020 you did it @therealnocy_jay from school, to studio recordings, interviews, tv shoots , song writing and performances.” Nosipho thanked God and informed the Idols SA team that she indeed passed.

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