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Watch! MacG Lashes Out On Black Twitter And Celebrity Fake Outrages

Watch! MacG Lashes Out On Black Twitter And Celebrity Fake Outrages. In the latest ‘Podcast and chill with MacG’, the crew lashed out about the lack of support black people give each other and the amount of hatred they have for one another on social media more especially black Twitter. MacG also called out on celebrities that jumped on trending topics for popularity. “These celebrities jump on because they want to trend,” said MacG.

MacG also mentioned that they started their Podcast and Chill with no funding. He said: “We started for nothing, we had no money. We made one mistake in over 200 episodes and we are being crucified. When we hired 30 young black people during a pandemic, but does that trend? If you check this platform, we are documenting black history.”

Sol Phenduka added to the discussion, “What do you achieve when you tag the sponsor? Who gets helped when the sponsor went away. The podcast puts South African podcasting on the world stage. If we f$#% up why do you wanna see us burn? How many people have we put on the platform? A lot of people were bashing us.”

“What is it all for. We are trying to build a legacy, we’re not even successful yet,” MacG added. An enraged MacG said it’s time people came together and black Twitter stopped trying to tear people down. “This s&$# has to stop. White people had our backs, our own people were tearing us down. We have families to take care of. We know the content we do is about to offend someone. We made a mistake, we talk shit for a living, we are bound to make mistakes,” he said.

Watch video for a full complete episode:

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

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