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Gigi Lamayne Drops ‘Feelin’U’ featuring Mi Casa And Blxckie!

In 2017 Mi Casa gave us a classic chart-topping song called Feeling You. In 2021 Gigi Lamayne teamed up with both Mi Casa and breakthrough artist Blxckie to give us a remake fit for Song of the Century status.

Feelin’U is a trap-meets-salsa vibe with African flow undertones: something we have NEVER seen the world over! Blxckie kicks the song off with his signature new-wave sound and adding a bit of classic with a line from Gang’s of Instrumentals’ “Kudala ndifuna onje ngawe” to really put us straight into what is an ingenious collaboration. Gigi shows us just how versatile she is with her switching up flows like the lyrical sagacious lady she is. With MiCasa’s catchy chorus bringing some of the familiarity back to this classic tune, we have what is truly an amazing blend of the best in musicality.

Gigi Lamayne has brought us an exceptional sonic blend of old, new and futuristic in this song, and here’s what she had to say when asked about this surprising collaboration:

What inspired the song?

“The song was initially inspired by me wanting to get together with a group of diverse people to create a song: I am so big on collaborations. I wanted the song to feel African and be of an international standard, but also to have fun on the song and see how far I could push myself creatively: Blxckie is an amazing artist right now and coming up super well; Mi Casa are absolute legends; and I have a brand of my own as well being a pioneer for female hip hop in this country. Having three diverse people get on a track like that for me is timeless!”

How was it working with a different sound and merging with Mi Casa and Blxckie?

“It was super easy working with Mi Casa and Blxckie. I think the different sound was a challenge in the sense that it was nothing I had ever worked with, so I was super excited to be a part of something like that. Working with Mi Casa is a dream come true, I always listened to them growing up which is another tick off my book of life and my career. I am really excited about this song”.

We heard you sing on the song, are you going to sing more, or you are showing us one of your many talents?

“I am singing on the song and people can expect that on the album as well; the album will be out later this year. I am trapping on the song as well so people can anticipate seeing a transition where Gigi goes from lyricist to rapper to musician now. I am full on singing and rapping and encapsulating a lot of different audiences. It has been a challenge; I feel like every day when you are making music is a different day because the canvas is different. The last song I completely sang on was Iphupho and people hyped that up, so with this song mmmhhh, it’s going to be a problem”.

The timelessness in this song will see us telling the next generation just how great it felt to be part of this musical marvel: let’s turn up the volume all the way to the top to make sure you’re feelin’ this!

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