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Babes Wodumo Reveals Why The Reality Show With Jub Jub Never Aired

Babes Wodumo Reveals Why The Reality Show With Jub Jub Never Aired. Babes Wodumo opened up about the reality show produced by Jub Jub on the latest episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG. One viewer asked what had happened to the reality show. This comes after the reality show featuring Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo never aired.

Speaking on Jub Jub, Babes said: “That guy is fucked up, we all know he went to jail right? He was friends with Mampintsha back then, they wanted to paint me as an antagonist, Mampintsha and I would argue and he would like that. He would say ‘Yes argue!’ That’s when he came flying with cameras. He told Mampintsha that he wanted Babes to look like the bad guy, because his baby mama did something bad to him, so he wants to do revenge using me, because o Mapintsha I did that live. He told Mampintsha and then Mampintsha told me.”

Babes said the promotional material was meant to depict her in a bad light. “I got confused when we were arguing that he was quiet and usually when we argue he talks back. My mother also tod me that these people just want to taint my reputation. We went to the attorneys on the day the show was supposed to air, I asked them why when they advertise the show, they use the part where I am arguing with Mampintsha, as it looked like they wanted to ruin my reputation. We explained everything to the attorney who then went to court to tell him not to air the show and if he does, they would arrest him; and that’s how the show was terminated,” Babes added.

Babes said that only Mampintsha had signed the contract, but she never did. The channel was also instructed to remove any video clips and content it had posted on social media regarding the affair and personal lives of the couple.

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