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Bongo Maffin’s Stoan Talks Career And How Oskido’s Positive Impact In The Music Industry Is Still Felt

Bongo Maffin’s Stoan Talks Career And How Oskido’s Positive Impact In The Music Industry Is Still Felt. Stoan’s infectious personality certainly lit up the space on the latest episode of #PodcastAndChill. The music veteran reveals that he has been in the business for 26 years and that everything else he has done has been a vehicle for his well-known brand.

Stoan has delivered thought being an onstage MC, being in TV production, TV presentation, radio, performing and the list goes on. He says that, “Everything that I do is me delivering the Stoan brand promise of being approachable, being rooted, being versatile, you know, multiple horizon multifaceted and all of that…”

MacG opened the floor about the evils of the music industry, reminding Stoan and viewers about Brenda Fassie’s infamous rumors about not receiving her royalties and how there is still musicians that getting screwed over. Stoan replies, “With so much sharks, you’re going to get eaten if you bleed bro. Look, we were lucky man, we came in the business and we managed in the initial stages to meet Oskido. And I mean, half of the biggest success stories in this business have Oskido somehow attached to it, right up to [people like] Cassper recently…”

He further elaborates by saying that, “Some of the people kind of latch on to the lessons that he has taught but some of them don’t, you know, and I think the difference between us is that [latching on], you know? Whether you learn from some of those lessons that he gives you and some of the people around him in the periphery, like I learned a lot from Spikiri, I learned a lot from Mahuta, you know, Mahuta teaches you about longevity and staying young…” Stoan concludes by saying that Maguta has been moving with the times while staying authentic to who he is.

Stoan recalls the time Bongo Maffin met Bra Pita through Oskido. He reveals that Pita ended up retiring as Head of Publishing and dives into the benefit of publishing. He was at a comedy show where they [Bongo Maffin] were called former Kwaito stars and continued that he replied saying, “And I’m like, you gotta put respecct on my name becuase i’m still cashing checks from the 90s … because, you know, we’re still getting that publishing, like when I look at my royalty statements, we’re getting publishing from Chile. we are getting publishing from Guatemala, from crazy places because of the admin that was done, the dotting, the eyes, the crossing the tees that was done, the due dilligence, you know, because of Oskido.”

His testimony is definitely an encouraging for those who wish to begin a career in the music industry and who are already in it. Here’s to future Okido’s and Stoan’s that will uplift the SA music industry. This episode is definitely one for the books.

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