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Loyiso Bala Parts Ways With TBN Africa After 5 Years

Loyiso Bala Parts Ways With TBN Africa After 5 Years! The award-winning musician and television broadcaster has been spreading words of inspiration on his social media, spending quality time with family and recently celebrated the last writing session with his The Jesus Collective crew. And now, he is wrapping up what sounds like a wonderful 5 years with the Christian channel, TBN Africa.

He expresses his gratitude in an Instagram post saying, “I would like to express my thanks for all the support and opportunities of growth the organisation has given me during this time. Being part of TBN Africa’s success and seeing it grow into a key market leader in Christian Media is something I feel very proud and honored to have been a part of.”

He continues with the heartfelt message saying that, “During this time, I have had the opportunity to increase viewership, maximise advertising by over 400%, initiate a successful VOD agreement, launch an additional 2 channels and initiate and lead the organisations digital and brand strategy.”

This is impressive considering that, according to their website, the TBN Family of Networks is the world’s largest Christian television network with over 30 global networks reaching an estimated two billion potential viewers each day. Sounds like the journey was an incredible adventure; here’s an old snap of his trip to the Dead Sea:

Bala stated that it was pleasure to work for the channel and it’s team; he singled out a few of them: Karin Van Niekerk being the foundation of their achievements, commended Byron Heath for being the most talented creative director he has ever worked with and Darius Koekemoer for being instrumental in inducting him in workings of the broadcasting industry. Sounds like an incredible team!

The caption ends off with Bala noting his enthusiasm for the future and it’s possibilities. Loyiso’s career is definitely lifting into greater heights and we can’t wait to see what else he is going to achieve! In the meantime, we will stay tuned for adorable posts with his daughters, words of motivation and videos of his captivating voice. He also has a humorous side!

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