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Prince Kaybee Shares His Thoughts On What The Pioneers Of Amapiano Should Do Next!

Prince Kaybee Shares His Thoughts On What The Pioneers Of Amapiano Should Do Next! In between gigs and shooting for interviews and magazine covers, the musician stumbled upon an idea that we should probably take note of. It’s a no brainer that Amapiano is not only the new wave but it’s a culture forced to be reckoned with. What else can we expect from the genre that has taken our country by a storm.

Kaybee recently took to Twitter tweeting, “The Amapiano cats should compile a NetFlix special outlining the culture and its roots. And please the artists that left their genres to jump on the Amapiano wagon must not be in this, LET THE KIDS TELL THEIR STORY.” This would definitely commemorate the genre and keep us entertained!

@Given_Maps replied saying, “Kabza & Stokie will be the coordinators of the whole thing..” and had a couple of users arguing and eventually concluding that those who made Amapiano what it is should still get recognition even if they came from a different genre. @BonganiOnkz shares the same sentiments saying, “Amapiano should compile a Netflix Special even those that left their genres be given a say let bygones be bygones make amapiano bigger”

@dragzito reminded us of a similar project that aired on SABC 1 tweeting, “That would be so dope… Something like that Yakokota documentary they did with @Official_SABC1…”

Kaybee had several people decoding who exactly he was referring to in the last part of his tweet. Followers and fans had field day with the guesses and memes from others in the comments. DJ Buckz’ reaction in particular, had Kaybee chuckle and throw in a reply himself:

Twitter user @TayPipss had his own guess and thoughts on the genre tweeting, “You just wanted to sub Phori. Unlike other genres, Amapiono doesn’t have a gatekeeping and exclusivity culture. It is open to anyone. Those you sub may not be the originators of the genre but they surely did contribute to what it is today. Why exclude them in telling the story?” We certainly hope that once a commendable list is made, that this documentary’s production happens smoothly and serves a big part of culture well; it will be one for the books!

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