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Stoan Reveals What Made Him Fall In Love With Thandiswa Mazwai

Stoan Reveals What Made Him Fall In Love With Thandiswa Mazwai. Notorious Podcaster MacG debuts episode 243 of his popular podcast show, Podcast And Chill and on the latest episode he had veteran rapper and media personality Stoan Seate. If you have watched one of MacG’s shows, you will agree that he definitely knows how to get the celebrity guest to spill the beans about the juicy parts of their lives.

The duo spoke of everything with topics ranging from his days as a graphic designing student all the way to the day when he got his first taste of stardom as a rapper in the 90’s. One topic that definitely managed to get our attention is when he spoke of his old flame and baby mama Thandiswa Mazwai.

Stoan spoke of the certain traits he looks for in a women, that being the brains, the a*s and the last criteria on his list is beauty. Good friend and band mate Thandiswa Mazwai happened to check all the above boxes which is how he fell head over heels in love with her.

It was the mind thing you know, we connected on a lot. Like I’m a nerd and we connected a lot on the subjects we were exploring” he said.

The two went on to have a daughter together who recently celebrated Turing 21 years old named Akhila. The proud father took to Instagram to send her a shout out and he also called her during his interview on the podcast and the entire production wished her all the best on her special day.

The proud father described his daughter as an exact replica of him personality wise, especially towards her mother noting that they are Bothe very stubborn people.

21years ago my life was saved by becoming your father. From that day I had someone else besides my mom with a direct link to my blood, someone to live for. All credit & thanks to your mom @thandiswamazwai HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY my baby @malaika.mazwai he wrote.

you can watch the episode below

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