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Yvonne Chaka Chaka Speaks Out On Her Death Hoax

Yvonne Chaka Chaka Speaks Out On Her Death Hoax. One of the many disadvantages of being a celebrity is the entitlement that fans have over their lives, including creating fake news. Legendary musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka recently had the same problem after she had to come out and slam reports that she was no longer with us.

Taking to twitter, the legendary musician revealed that there was a social media account that was created on her behalf that posted her obituary on the internet and starting a GoFundMe page for her “burial”.

A shocked Yvonne told warned her followers about the unknown person who had been spreading these fake news about her death. The award winning veteran commented on how one could be so cruel as to fool and scam people in such a manner.

Some fool posted my obituary and even asked people to contribute in a go fund me acc. For my burial … How mean can you be?” she wrote.

Opening up to TshisaLive about the incident, Yvonne shared that at first when she was alerted of the hoax by a friend all the way in America, she found it to be funny until she saw the hoax spreading like wildfire all over the internet.

“I laughed at it! A friend of mine in LA, sent me an e-mail with the link and the following day I saw it on my Google alert, so I laughed about it because I know there’s mean people out there” She said.

Yvonne’s friends became worried about her health as a way to try and understand where and how these rumours started. What the singer and her loved ones failed to understand is the reason behind what could have prompted the person to do such a thing.

Yvonne said she was surprised that Google went on to put it on an alert, saying she expected them to at least check the authenticity of the news before prioritising it on their newsfeed as this is not the first hoax about her. 

“My family didn’t see it, I just told my husband about it and we laughed about it. Things like these don’t actually affect me. In fact this is not the first one. There was a time where there was a post saying ‘Yvonne is dead’. It’s just mean people, people who idle and don’t have much to do and just find happiness in making other people sad. But I’m not sad because they are the sad one, they are the mean one and the bad ones. I’m gonna die in God’s time, not when they want me to,” Yvonne said.

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