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Prince Kaybee Speaks Out After Cheating Scandal!

Prince Kaybee Speaks Out After Cheating Scandal! For a longtime, Prince Kaybee, real name Kabelo Motsamai and his girlfriend, radio personality Zola Mhlongo were serving power couple goals on social media and fans loved their relationship content but could it be all over after the cheating scandal that has come to light?

Social media went ablaze on Tuesday after a girl exposed Prince Kaybee for cheating on his girlfriend Zola with her. The girl known as Hazel released proof of the timeline and how everything went down after the “fetch your life” hit maker tried to deny that he cheated. The evidence included some of the interaction between her and Kaybee, explicit photos and flirty texts. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Prince Kaybee then tweeted admitting that he had indeed cheated on Zola and apologized to a couple of people for his behavior.

“I cheated, I humiliated my girlfriend publicly. To the people I have disappointed, the businesses I represent, my girlfriend and my Mother I profusely apologise from the bottom of my heart”, he tweeted.

Kabelo and Zola shared their love story back in 2020 on the popular YouTube Show “Defining Love” where they made it public that they had been together for over a year at the time. In their interview they spoke on how they met with Prince Kaybee explaining that he first saw Zola on social media before he slid in her DMs and that’s when Zola opened up her heart for him immediately after she read a “love letter” from the DJ. The couple also had hearts melting on social media when the DJ shared a photo of Zola meeting his mother with the caption, “My wish is for you two to be best friends.”

Whilst other celebs would stay away from social media for a day or two, it’s business as usual for Prince Kaybee who has been responding to fans’ reaction. Prince Kaybee’s mentions on twitter had girls offering to take him out and we’re not sure what to make of his response.

Could this be the end of Kabelo and Zola as we know them?

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