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Busiswa’s Latest Single, ‘Coming’ Tops Charts In Nigeria

Busiswa’s Latest Single, ‘Coming’ Tops Charts In Nigeria! Busiswa has been making hits that goes beyond SA borders. With major international collaborations with the likes of Beyonce, there’s no stopping her go. Still, the singer is still dominating the charts all over the continent.

Her latest offering, ‘Coming’ featuring Nigeria’s Naira Marley has shot straight to number one on all major charts in Nigeria becoming only the forth song to have such an achievement. According to TurnTable Charts, a Nigerian platform, it’s taken ‘Coming’ fifteen weeks to achieve Busiswa’s history making record for a South African artist.

Busiswa predicted the song’s success early on and the music video already has over a million views on YouTube in under a week which she calls the music video of the year. Could they be on their way to win a MAMA for it? The collaboration of these two artists was unexpected but it turned out great and the Majesty is considering dropping more music with the Nigerian artist. ‘Coming’ promotes the diversity of different cultures and gives us sounds from different countries. Even in the lyric’s unity is being promoted and Busiswa shows her maturity and ability in working with artist outside the country.

The ‘Coming’ visuals are one of the best creations that Busiswa has done so far in her career. It has her signature style throughout, fun and funky as she is, and fans are loving it! However, the video must be watched with caution as it includes graphics that are not appropriate for kids under the age of 18.

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