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New Music! Afrotraction Drops ‘Ngowakho’ With Unathi

The South African RnB industry is graced and blessed by talent andNgowakho is the blueprint to the previous fact mentioned, delivered by Afrotraction featuring Unathi this deserves a listen!!!

Rhythm and Blues is a beautiful genre that shares the stories told by the heart that we cannot construct into sentences and the love theme completed with a good jazzy beat that makes your heart melt it sets the mood, Ngowakho tells the most charming love song assuring your partner that you are there forever. Afrotraction is like cupid with his arrow when he makes music he shoots and never miss, this single will bring love birds together and become the new theme song for lovers!  

It is no surprise that Unathi is a judge in a musical contest, her talent and expertise make her even more deserving to be on the feature as she masters everything MUSIC. The harmonies Unathi delivers are what ties the song together to be the perfect slow-dance instrumental, date song, wedding song you name it!    

Ngowakho is a beautiful song that has an unanticipated feature, we had to do one-on-one research about the song:  

What inspired Ngowakho?

“We wanted to create a song that would inspire lovers to look out for each other and keep their love going during the 2 year long series of Lockdown, to curb the evidently increasing percentage of abuse in relationships.”

Unathi is a talented artist who has been doing great in the industry and we never saw it coming that she might be in the studio anytime soon, why did you choose to feature her?  

“I have always appreciated the musicality of Unathi and always felt we could go somewhere musically if we collaborated, and finally we did! I called, she responded positively, and it happened”    

THREE fun facts working on the song:  

Production wise they fused together several music elements (Africanswing*, R&B Soul, Smooth Jazz and reggae feel) to present African language cultures in a classy way.

The process of production took place simultaneously with the song writing which brought contentment to the artists. There was never a dull moment, art practitioners collaborated, and magic was created.    

Be sure to give this a listen, get it HERE!

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