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Lvovo Responds To Backlash Over Doing A Paid Gig For ANC Despite His Criticism Of The Party

Lvovo Responds To Backlash Over Doing A Paid Gig For ANC Despite His Criticism Of The Party! L’vovo is known for widely criticizing and disagreeing with the corruption allegations that the ANC has been accused of over the years. He has consistently expressed his opinion regarding how he disapproves of their actions. He has never been shy about how he feels about the ANC’s underhanded behaviour.

He was later approached to do a campaign on their behalf. L’vovo agreed to this campaign and was seen on an ANC poster. This took his fans by surprise because it seemed slightly hypocritical for him to take this campaign on regardless of his clear views and disapproval of the party.

He took to twitter earlier in defense of this campaign by saying “I’ll take a gig wherever. My kids gotta eat. Just because I criticise a Gov (which im well within my rights to do so) dont mean I cant take money. Im an artist. Deal with it. Yo boyfriends so worse than just going to perform thina we dont do tenders. So STFU!

He defended himself by saying that he is well within his right to criticize the government , this doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take money from them or do what he can to collaborate with them in order to put food on the table. He is not moved by the criticism that he is receiving from fans.

This is a never ending debate , politics are personal and there will never be a day where everyone is on the same page.It Is clear that L’vovo’s opinions regarding the ANC do not change the fact that he is still a supporter of the party. Regardless of his motives , he claims that the main motive for his agreement to this campaign was to feed his children, he didn’t speak much to his support for and/or alternative involvement with the party. According to his tweet , this was nothing more than a job and he remains unfazed by his critics.

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