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Watch ! Zakes Bantwini And Nandi Madida’s Son Is The Next Star Of The Family

Watch ! Zakes Bantwini And Nandi Madida’s Son Is The Next Star Of The Family! Zakhele Madida , professionally known as Zakes Bantwini , South African musician, producer and entrepreneur,married to Nandi Madida, actress, model, singer and presenter ; have been together for 8 years and married for 5.This couple has always been open about their love life and have had us drawn to their family throughout. The couple has 2 children , Shaka Madida who is 5 years old and their daughter Queen Nefertiti who is 3 years old.

One of the cutes products of their union is their son, Shaka Madida was born in 2016 and was the first addition to
the Madida family and their daughter is the second born. Their beautiful family has always been at the forefront of social media and South Africans have always had the pleasure of watching them grow and experiencing their daily lives.

Zakes, alongside Kasango, released a club banger that took the internet by storm and got thousands of South Africans dancing this year, called Osama. As soon as this hit was released , it put South Africans in a celebratory mood and created a worldwide wave! This song topped the music charts for an extended period and found its way on every South Africans’ playlist.

This song not only created worldwide waves but created an uproar in his household. Shaka Madida , saw fit that he should be the latest addition to the team that makes magic. He stole our hearts this morning by auditioning to be a performer on stage alongside his father. Watch it below.

His audition was especially adorable because of how accurately he sang those lyrics . He took the comments section by surprise and melted the hearts of many. He is being referred to as Zakes Bantwini’s twin or as others would say ‘’a star on the rise’’. The 5-year-old has always been the pride and joy of his family, he was first introduced to us on Instagram a month after he was born. Since then , his cuteness has kept us on our toes.

Will Zakes adhere to the plea of their fans and get this inherited talent in the studio with him ? We are yet to find out. It would definitely be a lovely surprise to see young Madida on stage with his dad. Shaka is a clear showstopper! In the meantime, we look forward to a collaboration between him and his father. Any excuse for fans to be marinated with all that cuteness.

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